Friday, 27 January 2012

Was very kindly sent the latest version of Batsound by Lars Pettersson. This is now version 4.1.4 and has a number of added useful features. The first is that you can now play back sounds at reduced speed without having to fiddle about with the time expansion factor. This used to be a real pain if you had recorded something on a D1000x at 500 kHz and then wanted to listen to it at 10x time expansion as you had to put in a time expansion factor of 500/44.1 = 11.34. The second is that you can now export graphic images in a variety of formats icluding windows metafiles, jpeg and png. This is a big improvment as the bitmap images in the previous versions were HUGE when imported into powerpoint. From my point of view, the best new feature however is that you can now more easily extract GPS information from files recorded from a D1000x or D500x with an attached GPS unit This makes import into Google Earth or GIS software a whole lot easier as you can extract all the GPS information from a whole folder into a spreadsheet. Nice

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